i cant deny i was inspired by jack kerouack, tom waits & lou reed

Autor: Jakub Adamčík | 4.5.2011 o 23:38 | (upravené 4.5.2011 o 23:48) Karma článku: 0,00 | Prečítané:  158x

.....by today, I’ve realised what does it really mean to feel the city.


To know the city.

it`s not `bout the the bars, clubs &pubs,

or how much U are underground

well certainly to know those things is plus ,

but my point lies elsewhere

& i`d like U to try it

it`s simple & not expansive

i`m sure U can experience it

just try to walk barefoot in the downtown

& you`ll feel every little rock of the pavement

& you`ll be dirty of the dust of streets

& you`ll feel the melting asphalt in summer heats

& you`ll feel the killer freeze in winter

& you`ll be resting at the soft grass tips

in the park, also called Eden

& you`ll wonder `bout the true smell of the city

with your fingertips covered in shit

& you`ll look into the depth of the eyes,

the eyes of the city, painted to your heels

by the vomit of nearby bum

& you`ll see all that is the city U don`t know

& that is the beat of the veins called the roads…..

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